Wifi Gsm 4g Home Anti Burglar Alarm Security Alarm System


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Wifi Gsm 4g Home Anti Burglar Alarm Security Alarm System


* Powered by Tuya, works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & 30K other Tuya devices
* Support Multiple Alarm Channels (APP Push / SMS / Voice monitoring/network center Alarm, to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable)
* Support phone/ SMS/ APP remote arm / disarm parameter setting /monitoring and accessory managment
* Up to 100 wireless zones, and the name of the first 10 wireless zones can be customized
* 10 RFID tags and 10 remote tags can be learned with customized name
* Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number, SMS on/off and dial on/off can be set respectively
* With 3 hardwired zone (EoLR), Zone names are editable
* Timed arm/disarm function.
* Record 20 Seconds Alarm Voice Message. If an alarm occurs, the alarm host will dial the preset number and play the record voice message.
* Support AC power failure, hub or accessory low battery notification, tamper alarm, and other extended alarm.
* 11 kinds of language can be switched freely
* Door/window unclosed prompt and notification while armed.
* Support operation logs and alarm events storage and tracing
* Support external wired siren
* Enter the wrong password 5 times in a row, and the keyboard refuses to accept any input within 90 seconds.
* Daily Date/Clock Indication
* Automatic Alarm Indicate when Offline
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Complete functions and simple operation–Tuya APP
The Tuya App, among the various functions, has a dedicated menu that allows the addition of Sensors and Remote Controls. Furthermore, you can easily change the operating mode of the Sensors at any time and from anywhere. The Timer for Automatic Activation and Deactivation on pre-established days and times allows you to create automation directly from the App.
5 Defense Zone Modes Allowing You Freedom of Entry and Exit  
1. Normal Zone 
For daily security, sensors set to Normal Zone are activated in Arm (full arm) or STAY Mode (partial arm). (We recommend setting door/window sensor to Normal Zone)
2. Home zone  
For the convenience of family activities at home, sensors set to Home Zone are only activated in Arm (full arm). If Stay Arm Mode (partial/home arm) is used, these sensors are not armed and will not activate the alarm is triggered. (We recommend setting PIR Motion Detectors to Home Zone)
3. 24 Hours Zone 
For environmental safety, sensors set to 24H Zone will activate the alarm and sounding when triggered, regardless of the alarm status (Armed or Disarmed). (Smoke/Fire/Gas detectors are recommended)
4. Delay Zone
If sensors set to Delay Zone are triggered, the Hub will sound the alarm after the delay time passed. (We recommend setting door sensors with a delay if they are used as primary entryways)
5. 24H Mute Zone
The mode is same as 24H but not sound. To be used as a doorbell, select Doorbell.
To disable the zone, select Close.
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Packing: Neutral package (Color box)

OEM package as your requirements

In the Box: 
alarm hub x1
Wireless Pet-immune PIR motion detector x1
Wireless door detector x1
Remote controls x2
RFID tag  x2
AC power adapter x1



Special Features

Tamper Alarm


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